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Suzhou City gifted Fook-aluminum movements Machinery Co., sit stand beautiful scenery of Jiangnan Water - Suzhou, Jiangsu province, the unique geographical and cultural advantages, "UFT pass" aluminum aerial work platforms widely extended to East China, the country and even overseas more than 170 countries, has a long-term trust of domestic and international customers.
UFT through aluminum lift company is specialized in the design, production and R & D mast aerial work platforms, Scissor lifts, China quality manufacturer unloading platform, Mobile Ramps, vans and other full range of products. The company has advanced production equipment, strong technical team strength, strong financial strength, advanced and reasonable process, detection means complete, in strict accordance with the national JG / T5103-1998 standard design and production, product excellence, all products through quality and technology supervision department detected by the long providing quality mast aerial work platform for multiple countries around the world, has customers praise.

Over the years, Suzhou City gifted Fook-aluminum movements Machinery Co., Ltd. of China's reform and opening to seize bring high-speed development of China's history and manufacturing opportunities, adhere to customer-centric, striver oriented, continuous innovation based on customer demand and win the customer's respect and trust, from one based on the Chinese lifting machinery manufacturing small businesses with annual sales of 20 million to develop into a medium-sized private enterprises, the steady growth of the Suzhou lifting machinery industry leader. Currently, the "UFT through" mast aerial work platforms has become well-known brands.

As a supplier of high-quality high-altitude platform solutions, we offer competitive aerial solutions and services to businesses, to help enterprises in the actual production and constantly improve production efficiency and better protect worker safety. We adhere to the strategic focus on the mast aerial work platforms, hydraulic lifting equipment and other products continued R & D investment, customer demand and cutting-edge technology-driven innovation, the company has always been at the forefront of the industry, leading the development of the industry. Each year we will be more than 10% of sales revenue into research and development, more than 15 percent of the employees engaged in innovation, research and development, has now accumulated utility model patents and technology co-developed patented 5.

UFT through actively committed to sustainable socio-economic development, the use of professional experience, bridging the technology gap, allowing customers to enjoy a higher quality of aerial work machinery services; our efforts to guarantee the security and stability of high-altitude platform, help customers and all walks of industry improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, promote low-carbon economic growth; we carry out localized operation, build a global value chain and help local play a global value and achieve win-win situation for the whole industry chain.

We are convinced: the future will be a high-tech, fully connected world. UFT pass with partners, openness and cooperation, and strive to build a more efficient integration of supply and marketing cooperative system, promote products and services, and quality service, quality and efficiency of the overall interconnection and integration, excite everyone at any time, any place unlimited opportunities and potential, and promote comprehensive community and common progress.
core value

Customer service is the only reason for the existence of UFT through the company, customer demand is the driving force behind the development of the company through the UFT. We adhere to customer-centric, fast response to customer demand, continuing to create long-term value for our customers and further customer success. To provide effective service, is the direction of our work and the value of the evaluation scale, customer success is the success of our own. core advantages
◇ excellent professional skills
UFT pass is a professional production, research and development mast aerial work platform of professional firms, the creation of enterprises so far, over a long period on the specifications of aerial work platforms, hydraulic lifting platform for research and exploration, has accumulated a wealth of expertise and experience to create a high-quality products.

◇ complete product range
UFT through long-term commitment to the specifications of aerial work platforms, research and development of hydraulic lifting platform, continuous improvement and innovation in enterprise products, existing products: mast aerial work platforms, scissor aerial work platforms, self-propelled aerial platform, fixed lifting freight elevators, car lifting platform, unloading platforms, mobile hydraulic dock leveler and a variety of transportation vehicles.

◇ high-quality products
UFT through products under the "People's Republic of China Machinery Industry Standard" manufacturing. High-quality products is the fundamental enterprise development, in strict quality control at the same time, each component products are outstanding from domestic enterprises, but also the use of imported components in accordance with customer requirements. Only by constantly improving the quality of products to meet customer requirements, enterprises can be long-term, orderly growing.

◇ good reputation
"Reputation" as the Chinese enterprises to the world of access card, a market economy and the lifeblood of the blood vessels. All along, "reputation" on behalf of the UFT through market reputation, has been recognized by our customers.

◇ quality service
Quality of service from enterprises, UFT pass has always been to "quality-oriented, service-oriented" as a corporate purposes. If you ordered UFT pass products, no matter where you live, we will promptly sent the professional technical staff for your service, your satisfaction is our commitment!

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