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Brig aerial work platforms
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Double mast aerial work platform series, the main structure of high-quality high-strength aluminum extruded profiles made for double while climbing operation.
      1. Application: Double while climbing operations
      2. The maximum platform height series: 4M, 6M, 8M, 10M, 12M
       3. The two synchronous lifting mast so that the platform has excellent working stability
      4. Machine light weight, good mobility, can double manpower to implement, easy to transport
      5. sucker leveling legs, ensure safer operation can be close to Face Lift
      6. The new guide wheel: between special mast slide guide wheel system, smooth movements with ease
      7. Optional power supply: AC single-phase AC mains, DC single DC power supplies, AC and DC power supply
      8. The overall lift fence means strength, and greatly reduce the overall height of the transport, loading and unloading is very convenient, can be completed by a lifting assembly or disassembly
      9. Security settings: Set the emergency lowering device, set up an emergency stop button, set the level of visual clarity regulating device
      10. Power Switch Configuration leakage protection device, shielded accidental leakage potential threat
      11. Optional: horizontally extending platform. Use horizontally extended main platform, thereby expanding the work surface, especially for exterior facade job

      12. Optional: walking drive. Optional go driving means (DC) on their own, mobile and flexible, a single person can easily operate

      13. AC single-precision level meter with a pumping station emergency switch leakage protection sucker leveling legs emergency lowering valve high-pressure pipeline
      14. Multiple rapid lifting limit protection fence
      15. The drive drum used by peddlers walking home alone DC-proof valve block pumping station AC and DC pumping pressure overload buzzer
      16. import Pumping extended platform










 平台尺寸L × W(M)

 1.16*0.54  1.26*0.54  1.36*0.54  1.46*0.54

 收藏尺寸L × W × H(M)









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